Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hi folks

I hope you doing fine.

Did you use Firefox? Did you love it? If you don’t use it give it a try. You will lose nothing. I used Firefox from version 1.5 and I want to tell you something it is better now with the new version 2.0. It’s awesome. I used also Firefox Portable. It’s the best I feel I’m at home when browsing net from university.

For those how like Firefox Protection Splash and would like to change Firefox Portable Splash you can need these tools:

  1. NSIS Compiler.
  2. FindProc plug-in.
  3. NewAdvSplash plug-in.
  4. Registry plug-in for Thunderbird Portable Splash.
  5. After install those tools go to X:\ FirefoxPortable\Other\FirefoxPortableSource and paste the new *.jpg picture you like to use but rename it to FirefoxPortable.jpg.
  6. Now right click on FirefoxPortable.nsis and chose “Compile NSIS Script” from the sup-menu.
  7. Copy FirefoxPortable.exe to X:\ FirefoxPortable\
  8. Have fun.

By the way NSIS plug-in goes in X:\Program Files\NSIS\Plugins after unzip.

See yea


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